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Messages and mega-stars

I am so angry at this film that it will be very difficult for me to contain the harsh words that are ready to spew from my mouth. This will not be a review for young readers. I Love You, I Love You Not was an atrocity from beginning to end. From both the disgustingly poor editing, to the sloppy acting, all the way to the horrendous themes that seemed to plot two random events together this film screamed "After School Special". In fact, now that I think about it, "After School Special" would be too delicate of a summary, it instead felt like a eager undergraduate film student attempting to be smart by attempting to poorly summarize the Holocaust with the turmoil of being a high school student. Hopefully the professor of this assignment saw the project and properly gave it the "F" it deserved. Hollywood completely outdid itself on this doozy of a film. I am surprised that the Jewish community didn't find this film offensive in the way that it trivialized the events of the Holocaust and compared them to the social troubles of a High School girl. I was upset by this occurrence, and I am not even Jewish. After this short film viewing, I felt dirty, upset by the Hollywood community, and ready to shout obscenities at everyone involved with this project. I Love You, I Love You Not was just another Hollywood attempt to monopolize on Claire Danes' My So-Called Life popularity while trying to be overly symbolic by involving the Holocaust.

Is anyone else as sick as I am about this disgraceful marriage? I do not understand at all what director Billy Hopkins was attempting to convey with this film. The themes were muddled in a slew of choppy editing and horrid flashbacks that left my mind in a confused knot. In one instance we had Danes unwilling to spend time with her grandmother, while in the next instance she was opening up everything in her life to her, while in the next she was making out with the mirror, and suddenly in the next she was asking Moreau to tell her a nightmarish bedtime story involving Robert Sean Leonard. Wouldn't that give anyone nightmares? It did give everyone nightmares and preempts our next step into the randomly anti-Semitic High School in which Danes attends. Unlike other films that use the Holocaust to show the injustices of the world, like in School Ties, this film randomly interjects the anti-Semitic moments near the end as if only to help strengthen already dead climax. Like nearly every scene in this film, the supposed "high-points" come and go nearly as quickly as modern fashion, leaving the viewer with nothing at all. I walked away of this film with an embarrassed look. While there may have been some attempt at meaning behind Billy Hopkins' camera, what eventually was released was a childish attempt to combine the trivial life of a High School girl to that of the monumental disaster known as the Holocaust. Could you put these two together? A great director probably could, but Hopkins' could not. All that it seems that he wants to create are meaningless dramatic plot-holes coupled with beautiful people.

Which, ultimately, leads me to the acting. While "abhorrent" would be a light word summarizing the purely absent acting of Danes, Law, and Van Der Beek, it is the only one that I could think of. Danes, using the same character structure from My So-Called Life in this film, could not find her way out of a paper bag if she tried. I could hear Hopkins in the background saying, "Give me more Angela Chase, I hired you for Angela, I WANT ANGELA". Her character is all over the place, manic depressive in one moment, happy the next, chaotic throughout, pitiful entirely. I loved the fact that she was a "reader", but one of the most ignorant characters created. You would think that with all the books she would have learned from them, sputtering quotes throughout the film, but alas, that never happened. Again, we were left with only Angela Chase. Award winning Jeanne Moreau bounces of the non-existent acting of Danes by providing her own character which does not fit into this film. Obviously disturbed by her time in Auschwitz, Moreau never develops this. She allows Danes to walk all over her, creating a weak grandmother and a needy, spoiled granddaughter. Throw in "boy-toy" Jude Law only for looks (because his character was as transparent as Saran wrap) and you have the worst cast in cinema. Nobody did any work with their characters, but instead walked around the set happy to be earning some, if any, money for their roles. I am surprised that both Danes and Law were able to pull themselves out of the I Love You, I Love You Not rut.

Overall, this was a confusing film that was only proved worse by torrential acting, very ill cinematography, a hasty Hollywood story (very obviously created by the infamous recycle machine), and by combining a trivial moment in a teenager's life with the historical hardships of the Holocaust. That would be similar to me trivializing the horrible deaths on the beaches of Omaha with me not getting a date for my Senior Prom. That just is painful to hear and visually see. The acting was non-existent, but obvious ploys to get a younger audience to attempt to connect with the story. The direction was nauseating. The constant flicking between present day and past stories kept me dizzied for days afterwards. Then, there was the uproarious casting of Robert Sean Leonard, I couldn't help but laugh when I continually saw him on screen. The only actor worth mentioning in this film was Julia Stiles, but that was because she kept her mouth shut. This was a disaster from the beginning and should be forgotten by all!

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Timberland boots for kids within the next three years is expected to be doubled

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A fine example of Carrey at his zany best!,

Ace Ventura is the kind of comedy that stems directly from a TV show, and in this case, that show was probably In Living Color, where Carrey got most of his publicity before he became famous as a movie actor. A quick look through Carrey's filmography will prove that Ace Ventura is the film that really acted as a springboard for his career. He had a few small roles in films previous to Ace Ventura, the largest of which was probably his role as one of the aliens in the awful film Earth Girls Are Easy, but after Ace Ventura, his career skyrocketed. The Mask (hey, he's still new, give the guy a break), Dumb & Dumber, a sequel to Ace Ventura, Liar Liar, The Cable Guy (oops), The Truman Show (ah, better), Man On The Moon, Me, Myself & Irene, The Grinch, and there's no end in sight.

Sure, Ace Ventura does not compare to half of these movies, and is clearly more on the side of the bone-headed comedy that he was doing on In Living Color, but his talent is unmistakable. I first saw this movie when I was in high school, and I remember that I would ditch school and go to the theater to see it and I would laugh hysterically until my sides hurt every time I saw it. There's something about seeing a slob at a tremendously rich party who just doesn't care about the etiquette of the rich people. Did anyone not laugh when he was `testing' the food at Ron Kamp's I'm-the-richest-man-in-the-universe party and stuck his tongue out at that poor guy next to him? That whole scene at that party is classic!

And, of course, it only gets better with Ace's dealings with Lois Einhorn. The whole crying game idea may have gone a little too far, but it was always amusing. Jim Carrey saves Ace Ventura from sinking to the totally brainless level of more recent crapfests as the Scary Movies, and even makes this into one of the better comedies of 1994. This is not the type of movie that is likely to win any awards, but you will remember the hilarious dialogue and Jim Carrey's immediately recognizable rubber-faced antics in this film that served as a spring board to his career, which later brought us many more excellent movies. Way to go, Jim.

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Chinese Pu-erh is the Best Fits Your Child

Chinese Pu-erh has become a hot topic nowadays. There are people who believe it is not important to do while there are those who think it is essential to do. If you belong to the former category, you must know that an unclean colon gives way to many deadly ailments including colo-rectal cancer, colon cancer, and large bowel cancer. This last one is one of the most deadly cancers. You may not notice but a dirty bowel results in pain, and constipation, which may ultimately lead you to these deadly diseases. Moreover, an unclean colon also causes many other diseases including constipation and skin issues.
You need to be vigilant about your colon health before it becomes too late! Colon cleansing tea is one of the best and easiest remedies to clean your colon. It helps to clean your colon and other organs such as your intestines and liver. You can also find a number of other products on the market, but this tea is the most natural and safest way to purge your system.
Colon cleansing tea cleans your colon and digestive track gently. The ingredients present in it are especially picked for the purpose of helping our body get rid of toxic agents. These waste matters form layers in your colon and over time become hard. As a result, your body develops poisonous agents, which can lead to colon cancer.
Do you know that about 60,000 Americans fell prey to colon cancer in 2008 alone? By simply using colon-cleansing tea, you can remain safe from such deadly ailments, which numerous people suffer from. It also saves you from constipation. According to most physicians, constipation also gives way to many other diseases.
This great tea is surely the ideal way to remove waste matters from your body. It helps your body to start absorbing vital minerals and vitamins again. Colon cleansing tea will make you feel more energetic enabling you to make the best of your life! For the best results you should use a regular cleansing product first and then this great tea for cleansing maintenance.

Best Car programme ever!

Let me say that this is easily my favorite show on TV...ever. It's not just because I am a huge "petrol head" automobile fan either. More importantly, each episode is so finely crafted. The cinematography, music, commentary and choice of subject matter is second to none.

Top Gear could have easily just shot a car sitting on some asphalt and talked about it. Instead, they use all types of lens filters to color shots, cloud part of the shot, etc. They use high speed cameras to show a tire spinning in slow motion with the smoke wafting off the pavement. They take shots from helicopters high above through patchy cloud cover as a car cruises down a winding race track. Every shot is beautifully executed.

This camera work would be beautiful alone, but it has been paired with a fantastic soundtrack. Every song is picked to illustrate some sort of emotion. For instance, the main presenter, Jeremy Clarkson is driving his beautiful Aston Martin DB9 through the French countryside and he begins to speak about the beauty of the car and how it is like no other driving experience. It is his favorite car. As he is talking, the sun is setting and they use a soft filter on the camera with an amber tint. To top it all off they play Massive Attack's "Heat Miser". If you know this song it is a slow, warm, almost sad mixture of simple piano key notes and deep string instruments. It fits perfectly and really conveys the emotion of the moment. I can't stress enough how NO show on TV would even think of using songs from little known artists like Massive Attack. I could go forever but just know that they play punk, classic rock, new wave, classical, hip-hop and obscure UK electronic...and it all fits beautifully. Producers of TV and even movies should get some guts and learn that we know this music and it has a huge impact on the depth of a show.

With all of this fine camera work and music as a backdrop comes some great commentary from the 3 presenters. Jeremy Clarkson (the older know it all), Richard Hammond (the young wild one), and James May (the conservative middle age guy) combine to bounce intelligent and very opinionated commentary off each other. This is all mostly scripted, but they do it in a natural way. It all comes off as fun and off the cuff. They don't pull punches either. They regularly attack the government officials, protest groups, auto execs, and other countries. It is great to see a show that is not afraid to say whatever it wants without fear of offending.

Lastly, the choice of cars is fantastic. If you watch this show, likely you have some interest in cars (you don't have's great entertainment). If you do, you'll appreciate how they pick everything from exotic supercars to econo boxes. They pick not only the obvious in each car class, but also some lesser known and interesting cars as well. Vehicles from all over the world are put to the test. I really love the fact that they pick some wildly expensive exotics and some extremely valuable collectors cars and actually drive them hard. Car shows usually show you these valuable cars, but then drive them slowly around because they are afraid of damaging them. Top Gear does a fantastic job of keeping the car reviews interesting. Want to see how fast a Ferrari 612 Scaglietti is? Well, lets put Jeremy in it and race it against a passenger jet carrying Hammond and Mays from London to Switzerland. How agile and fast is a Mitsubishi Evo? Let's put a champion rally racer in it and race it down a snowy mountain road against a championship bobsled team on a equal length chute. It's ideas like this that have kept this show fresh for so long.

There are many more aspects of this show I could talk about (ie. The Stig, Stars in a Reasonably Priced Car, the news, etc) but I am being a freak. I will end by telling you that the Discovery Channel has already aired a number of "edited for the USA" UK original episodes here in the States. They were chopped up and lost a lot of their flow and character. I was thrilled to see that Americans could get a chance to see this show. I was disappointed in Discovery for editing out a lot of the British slang, foreign cars, and worst of all the fun jabs at American culture. Are we Americans that sensitive that we can't handle pokes at our weight, love of anything big, gas guzzlers, and that our auto industry is falling behind? Are these secrets? Apparently Discovery execs think so. Well, Top Gear has announced they are making in conjunction with Discovery Channel a "Top Gear USA". They have said that the UK test run on Discovery was well received but (in their infinite wisdom) they think that a new USA version will go over better here. They have pulled the edited UK originals from Discovery and have already started shooting the new Top Gear USA. It is complete with a new trio of hosts, their own test track, and the Stig from the UK show. The biggest differences will most likely be no studio audience, only cars that we've heard of here, and a lot more US made cars. If you ask me this is a huge mistake. This show works as it is. Everyone I know here in the US that watches the unedited originals loves it. It goes to the old saying, "If it isn't broken, don't try and fix it.". I believe we will end up with a watered down, poorly conceived, cheaply made variation of a good thing. Wait...isn't that why America's auto industry is falling way behind? Ironic isn't it?

Chinese Green Tea is good for your health

There are many healthy reasons for drinking Chinese Green Tea. It is a simple way to do something you can enjoy and benefit your health at the same time. But did you know by adding green tea to your diet you can lower your cholesterol levels?
There have been studies showing many healthy benefits associated with green tea consumption. There are now studies that show green tea can aid the body's ability to lower cholesterol, and by adding a cup of your favorite green tea to your daily diet you can do just that.
A natural, drug free way of lowering out of control cholesterol levels by simply adding green tea to one's diet is becoming a daily practice for many people. It is becoming more popular with practitioners as well as they are beginning to suggest green tea to aid in lowering cholesterol levels.
Research has shown that green tea lowers harmful cholesterol levels and also raises good cholesterol levels. Studies have shown that by drinking green tea on a daily basis high cholesterol levels can be lowered. Lowering cholesterol is yet another of the numerous healthy benefits of adding green tea to your diet.
Studies conducted on animals have shown that green tea polyphenols may actually prevent cholesterol absorption. These studies also have shown that green tea polyphenols helped excrete cholesterol from the body. Basically, this is how lower cholesterol levels are obtained when green tea is added to the diet. Studies have shown people who drink green tea as a daily part of their diet have lower cholesterol levels than those who do not drink any green tea. Reason enough to add green tea to my diet.
Other studies have shown green tea to contain very powerful antioxidants. Green tea has been found to contain epicatechins. They are very powerful antioxidants that lower high blood pressure symptoms. They are also believed to help in cancer prevention.
A study conducted of men who smoke found more revealing conclusions. This study has shown the men who drank green tea daily had lower blood levels of LDL, the harmful cholesterol. Much lower. Epicatechins contained in green tea reduced bad cholesterol almost by half.
In the western part of the world people are just catching on to what people in the eastern part of the world have known for centuries. Green tea can be a cure for many ailments. Green tea is becoming more popular all around the world. Now we know that reducing a high cholesterol level is yet another of the many healthy benefits of consuming green tea.

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Kubrick in nabokov land

The primary appeal of Nabokov's Lolita is the narrative style, and what it reveals about Humbert as a character. When entering the medium of film, I would say that it's almost impossible to convey the entire character of Humbert without the narration. Unfortunately, and it pains me to say this, Kubrick didn't even come close. It's most easily understood that this movie got all of the plot line of Lolita, but none of the substance behind it.

This movie focuses on only one real role of Humbert and that is Humbert the father. In the book, it is impossible to picture Humbert as JUST a father; he is also a justified pedophile, a nymphologist, a cultured intellectual, and most importantly, a murderer. Nabokov left the murder scene for last in the novel in order to demonstrate a build-up of malaise in Humbert. When Kubrick put the murder scene first, it makes it easy to forget by the time you reach the conclusion of the film that Humbert is capable of murder.

Not only is the development of Humbert neglected, but so is Lolita's. When we encounter Lolita as a pregnant 18-year-old in the book, Nabokov paints the scene with Lolita being a much more mature and developed character. Kubrick, however, portrays her as the same 12-year-old we spent the movie with.

I also can't blame everything on Kubrick. Cultural trends at the time of the movie didn't exactly allow for the full exposition of ALL the vulgar subject matter contained in the novel. Quite frankly, the "sex with minors" theme was so kept under the surface, I probably would have completely missed it had I not read the novel first. Lolita's a ballsy story put on the silver screen, and it takes a filmmaker with guts to even think of making it. I thought someone like Kubrick would be that kind of film maker, but its possible that he was just 20 or 30 years too early when we made this film.

The movie itself is completely average, and not anything to shout about. However, context is important. With knowledge that this is based on an unforgettable piece of literature, it greatly degrades the movie. Read the book folks.

take good care of coach handbags

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Pick The correct Thomas Sabo Shopping Bag

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In the 70's, the decade's greatest director Stanley Kubrick broke from his series of groundbreaking films to make a long period piece. That movie, "Barry Lyndon", was met with much critical acclaim, but also a litany of derision from fans and critics alike who called it too slow, too ponderous and too boring. Nearly 20 years later, the world's leading director of that time, Martin Scorcese took the same steps and met with much of the same criticism.

These two movies are not for everyone. If you want to see action and fast-paced filmmaking, you will find them boring. However, if you want to see the pinnacles of the careers of the two greatest directors of the second half of the 20th century, you will find them here.

Enough has been said about the plot and the acting in "The Age of Innocence". The bottom line is that for pure cinematic luster and beauty, the 90's offers only a single movie that can match "Barry Lyndon". Don't watch the clock, watch the film, and enjoy a departure and a triumph that proves the depth and confidence of Scorcese's skills.

Lastly, don't let anyone spoil the ending for you, and don't jump to conclusions. Think about it after you've seen the movie, savour it for a while and the understanding will come to you. This movie quite simply has the finest ending of any movie I have ever seen.

"The Age of Innocence" is the 10 that rises just above Scorcese's string of 9 1/2s. See it.

Why Choose Thomas Sabo Bracelets

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White and Yellow Tea at good price

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Tea party decor can be elegant and whimsical. It all just depends on the age group that you're going for. This is really a chance to celebrate the fun and relaxed aspect of life.
Really some form of tablecloth is essential. You will want to skip the basic vinyl tablecloths. Instead, look for vintage items. You might even be able to find inexpensive lace curtains that you can turn into this kind of decor. Really the more frilly and overtop these elements are the better it will be.
One thing you can do is find unusual ways to create centerpieces and floral arrangements. You can find White and Yellow Tea that looks like tea cups. These will really be oversized and will have a lot of fun patterns on them. This will be a little bit more expensive. However, it's a floral arrangement that you can even give away or just keep on your patio later on.

Restored what little faith I have in TV,

With so many high-quality shows ending or getting cancelled recently (Friends, Frasier, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel), and with the decline in quality of many others (The West Wing, Smallville), not to mention the egregious rise of turgid and tasteless "reality" programming, I'd just about written off TV as an entertainment medium. I was seriously considering ditching my TV and cable subscription in favour of my computer screen and broadband Internet connection.

Then along comes "Lost". I missed the first few episodes, but was able to catch up thanks to BitTorrent. Now I'm hooked. There are several things to like about this show, but here's a quick list:

1) Outstanding, intelligent, layered writing. There are multiple mysteries here, and for every answer we get, more questions emerge.

2) Rich, complex characters. Just when you think you've got a character pegged, you find out something new about them that's often surprising or even shocking. I'm enjoying watching the various relationships emerge and develop.

3) Strong performances. This is a remarkable cast of mostly journeymen actors with a couple of newcomers, and they're all turning in star-making work. Even some of the cameos have featured recognizeable, talented actors (e.g. Mira Furlan, Victoria Hamel).

4) A mysterious and fascinating setting. Of the four main story elements you learned in school, plot, character, theme, and setting, the latter is often the poor, neglected cousin. Not here. The island is dangerous, beautiful, creepy, and undeniably intriguing. It's like a character unto itself. Part of the fun of this show will be unravelling the Island's secrets.

5) Thematic depth. This isn't just a soap opera on a desert island. There are rich metaphors and themes to be mined here, such as on the challenges of morality; on the nature of communities and civilization; on our relationship with nature/the environment; and on spirituality, even mysticism, as well.

I'm grateful to see this show is a hit. Too often lately I've committed to a quality show early on ("Wonderfalls" being the most recent and much-lamented example) only to have a jittery network cancel it prematurely. I'm hoping "Lost" will have a long, successful run--if its creators, cast, and crew keep up the level of quality they've shown so far, I'm sure it will.

White and Yellow Tea - A Quick Boost For The Garden

White and Yellow Tea is a quick "pick me up" for the garden in much the same way a nice cup of hot tea is for most gardeners. It is simple to make, easy to use, and great for the garden.
In the middle of the growing season the initial soil enhancements may be somewhat depleted by continuing plant growth, plus the plants themselves may need a bit of a boost . This is especially true just as they are producing fruits and seeds for us such as cucumbers beginning to bear fruit or peas starting to swell in the pods. These are times of great energy use by the plants and a lift can help them produce a bumper crop.
Compost tea is a great liquid fertilizer in these situations.
1.There is no need to disturb the soil and dig in fertilizer, just pout it on. This is especially important for plants like cucumbers, peas and beans that hate having their roots disturbed.
2.Unlike commercial liquid fertilizers it will not burn plant foliage or roots, no matter the concentration.
3.It is easy to make and there is no wastage.
All that is needed to make the compost tea are a 5 gallon bucket, a feed sack or burlap bag or similar (some folks even use and old pillow case), a bit of rope, compost and water.
1.Put a couple of shovelfuls of your best compost in the sack.
2.Tie it closed with the rope leaving a length to hang out of the bucket.
3.Put the compost "tea bag" in the bucket, leaving the end of the string outside for easy removal.
4.Fill the bucket with water.
5.Leave it in the hot sun for three days to a week.
The "tea" should be a rick, dark color. If it looks too dark, dilute it with some more water, if not dark enough, let it sit a little longer. There is nothing crucial here as far as measurement is concerned. It will not burn the plants regardless of strength and even if weak it is a nice boost with no harm done.
Water your plants with the compost tea. Some nutrients may be absorbed by the leaves and it may be used to water the whole plant but it is best used by watering the root zone. Simply by watering directly from a bucket that has sat in the same conditions as the garden prevents the shock of watering with a cold hose. Add to this the nutrient rich tea and the plants get a nice boost with little shock to the system.
The spent compost from the bag can be replaced in the compost pile, used for soil amendments, or placed around a plant as mulch. There is nothing wasted. Another pail of tea can be started right away if there is still compost ready to use.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Australia UGG Classic Bailey Button Short Boots-chestnut

Australia UGG Classic Bailey Button Short Boots-chestnut

Quantity:  99
Market Price: $299.99
Special Price:$104.98

Goods Brief:
• Calf-height boot made from genuine twin-face sheepskin.
• Wooden UGG® logo button and elastic band closure.
• The Bailey Button can either be worn up or cuffed down adding a little variety depending on your style.
• Soft foam insole covered with genuine sheepskin
• Molded EVA light and flexible outsole
• Amazing comfort with every step.

The Western Australia farmer?ˉs federation UGG Ultra Tall has expressed concerns that the local Aussie?ˉs wool producers?ˉ reputation is being ruined by some companies trying to sell their fake uggs as genuine Australian wool. Some manufacturers?ˉ footwear is being labeled as 100% Australian Merino Wool lining, but is nothing more than just 100% polyester. UGG Ultra Tall says that the fake ugg boots damage the credit of world renowned Australian wool and sheepskin products. 

Romeo + Juliet

This movie does an excellent job of combining Shakespearian dialogue with

modern imagery. Admittedly, I first watched this movie when it came out

because of Leo; eight years later (and seven years after middle school ended), I realize just how well-done this film actually is. Luhrmann did an excellent job of making the movie believable while using the quaint language. This movie

brings new life into the words of Shakespeare, and even if you know the play

almost by heart it is refreshing to hear the words in an entirely new context, and one which makes sense. This version of Romeo and Juliet actually does add

something to the extensive history of the play. The soundtrack is excellent, the acting is appropriate (Danes and DiCaprio do a wonderful job of portraying the young lovers), and the scenery is fabulous. This film jump-started the trend of modern-day Shakespeare remakes, and I think it's the best one.