Monday, February 13, 2012

Slash Blames Lack Of Guns N’ Roses Reunion On Axl

 Slash Blames Lack Of Guns N’ Roses Reunion On Axl
I was reading Blabbermouth this morning and came across a post on that site which originated from the Bangkok Post. It was an interview with the always charismatic Slash.
The interview covers a number of the usual topics, including that infamous top hat dude wears…Slash claims he stole the hat: “I didn’t plan on it being stable part of my image. I just felt comfortable with it. I was 19 or 20.”
Then, he was asked about a reunion of the original Guns N’ Roses lineup, which has been the subject of rumor for years. the most recent rumor has the band reuniting for the 2012 Super Bowl…if there’s football next season, that is. What does Slash think?“It’s been, what, 15, 16 years?,” he starts. “No one in the original Guns N’ Roses ever said, ‘Let’s try to put the band back together.’ also, it’s all about Axl [Rose]. the reason that everybody left was because in the back of his mind I think that’s the way he wanted it. So the reason why there’s no Guns N’ Roses was because of him. I’ve got nothing to do with it. I quit for the same reason that everybody did. So it’s really his problem.”
So, it sounds like there isn’t going to be a reunion anytime soon, based on that statement. to be honest, anyone holding their breath for a GN’R reunion is just going to die sad and unfulfilled.

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