Tuesday, February 21, 2012

When is $790 a steal on shoes? When it's a Christian Louboutin shoe sale!

Are you looking for that special shoe, you know the one, that pair that makes you "the one" at
the affair? Do you need quality and style? Do you need "that look"? Then you need a pair of
Christian Louboutin shoes.
christian louboutin black pumps has been infatuated with women's shoes since the age of 12, possibly
before this age, but it can be confirmed at 12. When Louboutin was twelve he would sneak

off from school and spend time at the local Paris nightclubs because he was fascinated by the
costumes. Louboutin is quoted as saying "[The showgirls] influenced me a lot. If you like high
heels, it's really the ultimate high heel - it's all about the legs, how they carry themselves, the
embellishment of the body. They are the ultimate icons."
Christian Louboutin is credited for the reintroduction of stilettos in the early 90s, which he
credits to Madonna, who wore them day and night, even onstage.

Growing up in east Paris, Louboutin regularly visited an old museum which had a sign of a
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stiletto with a big red X through it; apparently the shoes were forbidden because the heels
damaged the parquet. During this time everyone was wearing platforms so there were few
stilettos around except for the ones the showgirls wore. He began to sketch stilettos on his
schoolbooks and scraps of paper. One day a friend gave him a Roger Vivier book, a shoe
designer for Christian Dior from the 1950s and the man credited with inventing the stiletto.
Louboutin had found his calling and the Louboutin shoe was born, or the process began anyway.
When he was 16 he was hired to design shoes for the Folies-Bergere, forcing him to create
shoes what could withstand dancing and still look stylish and dramatic. Next Louboutin worked
for Charles Jourdan and then Chanel and later Yves Saint Laurent. He has also helped curate
a museum retrospective for Vivier, when he was in his 70s. "Vivier taught me that the most
important part of the shoe is the body and the heel," says Louboutin. "Like good bone structure,
if you get that right, the rest is makeup."

In 1991 Louboutin opened his own shop in Paris. A shop where he garnered such clientele as
Princess Caroline of Monaco who is quoted as calling his shop "so Anouk Aimee", the rest is
shoe fashion history. Louboutin now has boutiques in Paris, Manhattan, and Beverly Hills, with
talk of a shop soon in Moscow. A favorite of Jennifer Lopez and Alicia Keys, Louboutin is
known for his style, quality and individuality.
With styles and models from the low $100's to "priced for the billionaire" custom produced
items, Louboutin shoes are the product and the price point to match in any arena above the local
payless or mega mart. If you want style, finesse and quality in a French made product, this is
your only choice and whatever the price, your legs will say it's worth it!

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